ElectroCoat's Frequently Asked Questions

On-site electrostatic painting involves the complete cleaning and re-coating of metal items, at or near where they are used. Electrostatic painting is usually done in carpeted offices or other spaces where overspray and contamination must be kept to a minimum. Job #1 is that our staff perform their work in a tidy manner.

Electrostatic painting is the most efficient way to refinish metal. It produces the most durable on-site finish available on the market today. In fact, the finish is comparable to the original factory finish in quality and durability. Our procedure is conducted during off-peak hours. We can schedule your project at your convenience. This means NO significant down time for our customers. Since the project involves on-site finishing, there is no lost time loading and unloading office furniture, machinery, lockers, bathroom partitions and the host of other items that we are capable of refinishing. Our process also virtually eliminates overspray and paint drift on outdoor projects.

Electrostatic painting equipment was invented by Harold Ransburg in 1938. It’s been vastly improved over the years.

No, there is very little, if any, overspray or mess with our process.

Electrostatic painting uses precision technology to paint any metal surface cleanly and evenly. The negatively charged object and the positively charged paint are drawn together like iron filings to a magnet. This attraction allows for a smooth, high quality finish. It’s completely safe and environmentally friendly.

No, the purpose behind hiring ElectroCoat is that our painting process allows us to paint metal products in place with little or no overspray.

As with any refinishing project, surfaces will be cleaned, sanded and washed to ensure the adhesion of the film coat, and assure a quality “look” of the final finish. This also includes removing rust, scale, and peeling paint. Once the surfaces are properly prepared, we will mask the parts that are not to be painted (e.g., drawer handles, desk tops, identification plates).

No. Most of the paints we apply are either two-component epoxies or polyurethanes. These paints usually dry in under thirty minutes. Most electrostatically painted lockers, cabinets, elevators, partitions, etc. can go back into service the next day or, in many cases, the same day.

Yes, that is one of the main benefits of electrostatic painting. We come to you!

We work in the Houston area, throughout Texas, and many states across the US from New York to New Mexico.

We do not do general house painting but we can refinish metal kitchen cabinets, outdoor metal fences and gates.