Commercial & Industrial Applications for Electrostatic Painting

Electrostatic Painting provides an exceptional finish that is both durable & attractive.

Electrostatic painting is one of the more advanced techniques performed by industrial and commercial painting contractors, and it provides spectacular results in a variety of applications. This high-tech procedure is ideal for painting metal objects, including machinery, grocery store casework, hand railings, fences/gates, metal office furniture/file cabinets, aluminum window frames, lab cabinets and metal doors/door frames. 

Office and property managers agree that the electrostatic process is an economical method of addressing painting maintenance issues. The ability to maintain and extend the life of property, equipment and office furniture while minimizing budgetary concerns is a great advantage in a highly competitive marketplace.

School & Fitness:

  • School Hall Lockers
  • Radiator/Air Handler Covers
  • Modesty Panels
  • Athletic Lockers & Benches
  • Equipment
  • Office Furniture
  • Chain Link Fencing & Railing


  • Filing Cabinets & Office Furniture
  • Restroom Stalls & Modesty Panels
  • Door & Window Frames
  • Elevators & Staircases
  • Railing, Fencing & Sign Posts


  • Chain Link Fencing
  • Wrought Iron
  • Gates, Railing & Stairs
  • Door & Window Mullions
  • Metal Awnings
  • Parking Structures & Light Poles
  • Breezeway Structures
  • Signs


  • Machinery
  • Safety Equipment
  • Fences
  • Large Equipment

Applications Of Electrostatic Painting

Ornamental Steel, Wrought Iron and Hollow Tube Fence and Gates: Over the years, a combination of UV rays, rain contaminants, road oils and dirt can begin to break down the finish of the existing coating on your fence and or gates. The result is rust, especially around the welds. The rust problem will continue to grow until a new coat of paint is electrostatically applied. Left unattended, the rust will corrode deep enough into the metal to cause the fence to fail and thus need to be replaced. Unlike other painting companies who will brush or roll their paint product on your fence, causing ugly drips and runs, we electrostatically paint your fence for a clean finish.

elevator doors

Elevator Doors: Elevator doors take more abuse than you think. Besides the elevator door opening and closing many times a day, folks delivering packages can hit the doors and door edges when using a dolly or four wheeled platform, which can chip the finish. Hand oils settle in over the years and can soften the paint as well. Elevator doors are highly visible and can be a reflection on the rest of the building maintenance.

bathroom doors

Restroom Partitions: Bathroom partitions need a fresh coat of paint every ten years. Hand oils, custodial cleaning agents, humidity and general chipping of the paint as folks enter, move around and exit the small enclosed toilet spaces can damage the existing substrate.

lab cabinets

Lab Cabinets and Equipment: How many years has it been since you’ve had your lab’s cabinets refinished? If it’s been a number of years then you most likely have numerous scratches and possibly even a good amount of rust that has accumulated as a result of the caustic chemicals used in lab work. Recoating your existing lab cabinets will extend the life of your cabinets, thus delaying the need to replace them. Are you buying used cabinets? Then call us to electrostatically refinish your lab cabinets to help make them look like new.

grocery shelves

Grocery Cases: During the normal course of a day, many shopping carts bang up against your grocery cases leaving unsightly scuffmarks and scratches. Give your store’s grocery cases a face lift with a new coat of electrostatically applied two-part epoxy paint. We understand the ins and outs of working with the sensitive environments inside grocery stores. Plus, we can schedule our crew to work during your off hours.

office furniture

Metal Office Furniture: Metal office furniture includes file cabinets, storage cabinets, book cases, metal desks and workstation components. Call us today to get a quick quote on any type of metal furniture that is in your office. Don’t you want to have the “cleanest” office look when clients come by to conduct business?

commercial storefronts

Aluminum Storefront Window Mullions: The sun, weather and outdoor contaminants wreak havoc on your storefront window mullions over time or perhaps you just need a color change. We will sand, wash and electrostatically refinish your storefront to perfection with a coat of polyurethane paint that will last for years.

gym equipment

Gym Equipment: Body oils and sweat are the main culprits behind the degradation and softening of substrates on gym equipment. Everything from leg presses to bench presses will need new paint over time. Don’t wait for the rust to set in, call now for a quote on gym equipment refinishing.

industrial equipment

Industrial Equipment and Manufacturing Machinery: Machine oil, airborne contaminants, humidity and just general wear and tear can breakdown the finish on your machine shop, manufacturing facility and printing machinery. Whether it’s to impress your clientele with a clean “fresh looking” manufacturing facility or to prevent rust, a fresh coat of high quality, electrostatically applied, polyurethane is sure to give a boost to both the look and longevity of your expensive presses, industrial equipment and other machinery.

metal stairwell

Metal Stairwells: We can give your stairwells a fresh look with our electrostatic application of medium or high gloss durable two-part polyamide epoxy paint.

metal door

Metal Doors: Metal doors are everywhere you look. Schools, gyms, churches, retail stores, restaurants, office buildings, hospitals — the list goes on and on. We can refinish just the outside, just the interior or both sides of any metal door, depending on your needs.

light pole

Light Poles: Ultra violet rays and weather can breakdown the original coating on light poles. Electrostatic application of a two-part polyurethane paint is the best way to keep corrosion at bay.

metal railing

Metal Railings: Metal railings, whether indoors or outdoors, are constantly under assault by transport dollies, rings on hands and hand oils. Electrostatically recoating them on occasion will keep them from having scratches and developing that soft, sticky feel.

metal pipes

Other Applications: Metal piping, metal awnings, patio furniture…

Our team of electrostatic refinishing professionals will come to your site with one of our portable electrostatic units. All of the material to be refinished will be washed to remove oil and other contaminants. Our team will sand to provide porosity to the existing substrate, rinse the sanding dust and then mask or remove any parts not to be painted. Our professionals will then electrostatically apply a tack coat and follow-up with a full coat of paint.

Once the painting process is complete, the masking tape and paper is taken down and any parts that were removed will be re-installed. The site will be broom swept and cleaned of debris.