September 14, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to submit a letter of reference for ElectroCoat, Tom Dorman – President. This past summer 2018, his company was hired to refurbish our junior high and senior high school lockers. “Dingy” is an understatement when explaining the condition of our lockers. Sam, their tech on site, was highly professional and willing to explain start to finish process. Including how the process works and why it is so effective as a finish for lockers in a public school.

The workmanship was fantastic, prep and cover were better than I could imagine. I was worried about how they would keep overspray from occurring, I didn’t need to with Sam’s diligence at the helm. ElectroCoat’s crew removed all hardware, number plates repaired all missing hardware and straitened all mechanisms back to an original working order. They replaced the number plates with new numbers using our current number system. Sam made a point to stop me and show me possible issues for the future, including the need to purchase “bumpers” for our locks on the outside of the lockers, in order to prevent future scratches from occurring. I had the bumpers installed prior to the start of school, for .67 cents apiece.
We have gotten numerous comments all focused around “did you get new lockers?” That is really the best result we could have asked for.

Sincerely Yours,

Tom Turrell, Superintendent of Schools
Byers School District 32J
Byers, Colorado 80103

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